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FHM have a range of products:

All our courses are a great way to help you with your confidence and deportment. It is a fun yet serious way to enhance not only your working knowledge but to bring another aspect to your life that will prove valuable in the future. Who doesn’t have to give some kind of presentation these days whether at school, college, university or simply in front of family or friends. Don’t be shy be creative and let us equip you with the tools to make you a polished performer.

FHM are able to produce an environment akin to a television and radio studio. Here we can put you under the kind of pressure you need when being questioned by the media. We can also put you in the role of the media to enhance your questioning techniques. This course is ideal for people who wish to get into media presentation and journalism.

Public speaking:
These are normally given on a 1-2-1 basis and can be tailored to your specific needs. They can be done at our office in Irish Town or if in conjunction with your work it can be done there. The choice is yours. The course can be a simple day with practise for a specific event and will include help with speech writing and guidance. We can also hold a longer course in the early evenings to develop you slowly.

Presentation training:
This is generally given to groups of people who want a fun day together that will help them gain confidence, get to know each other and at the same time have a practical benefit for your company. These corporate days will include lunch and refreshments. The courses run from 10am to approximately 5pm in Gibraltar at either our office in Irish Town or other suitable venue. Maximum 10 people.

From politics to sport, singers, TV, acting or simply a local celebrity we are in contact with plenty for you to choose from.

Master of Ceremonies:
If you need an M.C. for an event ranging from parties, concerts, plays or musicals then please get in touch with us here at FHM. We have a wealth of experience both acting, performing and public speaking.