Last weekend at the Gibraltar Open I was booked to do an¬†announcing job for the venue which was also live on Eurosport. These things are the norm as production costs these days means they don’t always want someone for the full days of the tournament or maybe it doesn’t always merit it given venues etc. The live final however needs a little extra polish hence the gig.

It’s easy no doubt everyone will think and in the main it looks easy but that is generally because like the old adage it is made to look easy. If you are booked you are expected to understand the simple signals and aspects of filming. You don’t get a pre match brief, you are supposed to have done a little research get on the spot they want you on and do what you believe is to be done. It has to be spontaneous but also it needs rehearsal. How many times do you hear your local radio or TV announcer cock it up when live. Unable to pronounce a word or just not understand what they’re saying altering phraseology much to the amusement of the listener? Remember it’s rehearsed and it sounds spontaneous!

The other day I was merely asked to ask one or two questions of each finalist, nothing given it was down to me and you have to make it look like you know what you are doing. So please, watch what is happening, get a feel for the venue, spectators and action. Sit alone and walk through your rehearsal to memorise what you are going to say. change your questions if something arises that merits a question. Finally, go on signal and always, always when dealing with live broadcast watch your clock or director.

Happy presenting.

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