More on words …

I’ve recently put together a couple of blogs on etymology for the website. These are purely to offer a modicum of interest to folk that wish to peruse the site if they are not so familiar with the other pages to-wit, finance, taxation, trusts and other such company finance related matters. Pop along and take a peek at there are currently two on offer concerning etymology.

By way of completion I should mention that etymology concerns the root of words, its beginning and perhaps its end too. I’ve often found it interesting and a book on the very same written by Mark Forsyth is one of my favourites. His Christmas Cornucopia is also a wonder and could be the ideal present for someone who not only enjoys words but a good read too.

And finally by way of an example FHM the “m” being media.The word concernsĀ “newspapers, radio, TV, etc.” from 1927, perhaps abstracted from mass media (1923, a technical term in advertising); plural of medium, on notion of “intermediate agency,” a sense found in that word in English from c. 1600. Which in the simplest terms could mean that any kind of media is delivered by a “medium” who would be in the case of the spirit world an “intermediate agency.” It follows from here that perhaps the current feeling that there is a lot of fake media out there may have some basis in truth … unless of course you believe in ghosts?


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